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17" Twin Top Storage Box

17" Twin Top Storage Box

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Meet the Twin Top Storage Box, a versatile storage solution for organising a wide range of supplies. This container is designed to provide maximum functionality with a lift-out tray for smaller supplies and additional storage in the lid.


Lift-Out Tray: The Twin Top container features a convenient lift-out tray, allowing you to store and access smaller supplies with ease. 

Lid Storage: The lid of this container offers additional storage space, making it a perfect spot for larger items or frequently used supplies.

Comfortable Handling: With a rubber over-moulded handle, this container ensures a comfortable and secure grip, even when you think there's too much in it.

Lockable: For added security, this container is lockable, providing peace of mind that your valuable supplies are safe and protected.

43.18 x 21.59 x 21.59 cm

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