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There's an ArtBin solution for every creative. Now serving the UK Quilting and Sewing community. ArtBin have been making durable, high quality storage solutions since 1977.

Leading in art storage

Affordable quality for quilters and sewists

ArtBin® is dedicated to producing high-quality and long-lasting products that you can enjoy for years to come. We pride ourselves in delivering a well-crafted and affordable product.

stack and store

Unique modular systems to make for tidy studios

Having a modular system in your studios will save desk space and help with creativity.

we know what you need

Making storage specifically for sewing

With more than four decades of experience in manufacturing, we proudly offer a diverse selection of storage solutions expertly crafted by industry professionals.

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Hear about new ArtBin® products and tips from industry experts

We're excited to offer you unique access to ArtBin® Expert's knowledge and expertise.

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  • Sarah – Quilter

    "As a quilter, having my fabrics, threads, and tools organised is essential. ArtBin's Super Satchel system has transformed my workspace. I can effortlessly sort and find fabrics, and the transparent design lets me see everything at a glance."

  • Emily – Sewing enthusiast

    "The struggle to find the right thread for a sewing project is real. Thanks to ArtBin's Thread Storage Tray, I have my threads neatly organised by colour. It's a time-saver and keeps my sewing area clutter-free."

  • Jane – Quilting professional

    "A tidy, well-organised studio is the foundation for every project. With ArtBin products I have been able to maximise productivity and have finally found reliable storage containers for my supplies. I'd recommend anyone to make the switch!"

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