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Brush Box with Foam Inserts

Brush Box with Foam Inserts

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If you are looking for a product to protect the longevity and the quality of your brushes then you are looking in the right place. Designed to shield your tools from damage and keep them looking brand new. 


Secure Brush Storage: Inside, you'll find chemical-resistant foam inserts that encase your brushes, ensuring they stay firmly in place and protected against potential damage during storage or transportation.

Ventilation: Thanks to carefully designed vent holes at each end, our Brush Box provides essential air circulation. Your brushes remain dry and free from moisture build-up.

Acid-Free Polypropylene: Crafted from durable acid-free polypropylene, this box offers a clear view of your brushes, making it easy to identify and access the right brush for your creative needs.

Dimensions: 35.56 x 15.24 x 3.175 cm

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