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Essentialsā„¢ 16" Lift-Out Tray Box

Essentialsā„¢ 16" Lift-Out Tray Box

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šŸ§µ Perfect storage for Quilters and Sewists

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The ArtBinĀ® Lift-Out Tray Box is an ideal solution for art and craft storage. Designed to make those creative projects a breeze.


  • Effortless Transportation: The sturdy handle on this product allows you to move your arts and crafts essentials from room to room or even on the go. No more multiple trips to gather all of your supplies!
  • Perfect for kids: This products compact size and user friendly design is great for parents or teachers who want to keep everything neat and organised but also easily accessible.Ā 
  • 41.28 x 20.96 x 17.78 cm

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